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The Problem

Every Day Thousands of people search for an attorney on the Internet.
Will they find your firm?

75% of all Internet traffic comes from search engines. This means that the law firms that appear on the 1st page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search results are more likely to get new clients than their competitors. If you’re not on the first page, your website may not be found. Ask yourself:

Can potential clients looking for an attorney in your practice area and geography find you?
Will your firm show up in an Internet search?
Does your firm appear in a local search?


The Solution

How can you ensure your law firm website appears at the top of search engine results and is found by clients? Uptime JurisPage has the solution.

JurisPage’s Attorney SEO services examine your practice in-depth. We learn about your goals for generating leads and make sure that we understand the type of client your firm looks to represent. From this, we do a comprehensive analysis of keyword searches to find out the key words and phrases that your potential clients are typing into Google, Bing, and Yahoo! when they search for lawyers in your location and practice area. We then tailor your site content to appeal to these clients, ensuring that they find your website first instead of other lawyers.

JurisPage SEO services include:

  • Search Engine Placement

    Inserting your website into the directories of every major search engine, covering web traffic for 99% of your potential customers.

  • On-Site SEO

    We set up your website structure properly so that it is easy to find by search engines, increasing your site’s visibility.

  • Local / Offsite SEO

    We build links to your website by reaching out to local directory placement services.

  • Search engine traffic analysis

    Continually monitoring and evaluating your SEO campaign, we will see what SEO sources are referring you the most visitors to your website and we build upon it.

  • Link-building

    Your site will see an increase in traffic as over time your site receives new referrals and links from other websites.

  • Social Media Integration

    A search engine optimization package solution would not be complete without making sure that your firm gets referrals from optimization in social media.



Uptime JurisPage:
Website Design & Marketing for Law Firms


uptime JurisPage

Website Design & Marketing for Law Firms

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