The Uptime Legal Team Legal Technology Leaders




Dennis Dimka
Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Eittreim
Chief Business Development Officer

Erin Pickar
Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Cabasso
Managing Director | JurisPage

Sam Brodie
Product Manager

Mike Hanson
IT Consultant

Michael Wachner
Account Manager

Anthony Lansing
Marketing Consultant

Mary Shriver
Business Services Specialist

Astryd Destine
Marketing Manager

Cameron McIver
Creative Director

Michael Reymann
Help Desk Manager

Dustin Wade
Special Operations Engineer

Dan Quimby
Project Manager

Tailor Mitchell
Project Manager

David Muehlhausen
Support Engineer

Mike Howland
Support Engineer

Andrew Jarmuzek
Support Engineer

Aidan Dornan
Support Engineer

Joe Ring
Support Engineer

Keith Mangan
Support Engineer

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