04/14/16 | Eden Prairie, MN

Uptime Legal Releases LegalWorks 2.0

Unveils the Next Generation of Cloud-based Document & Email Management for Law Firms


Uptime Legal, the leading provider of Cloud Services to small and mid-sized law firms, today announced significant enhancements to LegalWorks, its web-based Document and Email Management software. The enhancements included in the new release are far-reaching, and promise to help law firms practice better.

Exclusively Legal

LegalWorks is very different from other web-based Document & Email Management systems. The software has been developed specifically to meet the needs and challenges faced by lawyers and law firms. No more adapting to generic software design and LegalWorks is supported by a professional staff that understands the unique requirements of legal professionals.


New in LegalWorks 2.0

LegalWorks is filled with enhancements. New features include:

  1. Microsoft Office Integration
    A new Microsoft Office add-in allows users to browse matters and save documents directly from Word without leaving the application.
  2. Local Sync + Offline File Access
    Synchronize firm and matter documents with local computers, providing offline access to all of your firm’s documents.
  3. Enhanced Search
    The new advanced search allows users to search, filter, and sort documents by any field or tag across the entire LegalWorks database.
  4. Enhanced Email Management
    Filter and search matters directly from Outlook with the new Outlook Add-In.
  5. Personalized Document Management
    The new My Favorite Docs and My Relevant Docs allows each user to quickly access documents used most often, along with quick access to recently edited or checked out files.
  6. New Simplified Interface
    Easy to navigate, LegalWorks is intuitive and uncluttered.
  7. LegalWorks also includes Exchange email eliminating the need for outside services and coordination. Email accounts and management for every user in the firm is included, eliminating yet another service and support vendor.


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