Announcing LawLauncher 2018

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice.

Well, we’re trying to get lighting to strike for a third time…

Law Launcher 2018

Law Launcher is a first and only-of-its kind event in the legal industry – a completely free, online conference over two days geared towards helping lawyers run a more successful law practice.

What started in 2016 has grown into a must-attend event for any lawyers seeking to have a more successful legal career. Over the past two events, we have had attendees from around the world come to Law Launcher seeking to learn how to have a more successful and fulfilling law practice.

The Law Launcher talks given are by industry leaders, covering all the major topics, tools, and skills a lawyer needs to run a successful practice.

The sessions include topics ranging from billing and accounting to customer service to strategic planning to marketing to Word and Outlook and everything in between.

But, this is not a typical legal conference. Part of our ethos in creating Law Launcher was to provide the kind of value and insights where attendees in the audience are following along with a pen and paper, taking notes along the way to refer back to later. Every session is designed to impart practical skills and knowledge to help you run a better law practice. No fluff. Just practical insights from speakers who have “walked the walk.”

This year’s speakers list features some amazing legal industry titans, including:

  • Carolyn Elefant (Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant / MyShingle) – The Million-Dollar Law Practice
  • Nicole Abboud (Abboud Media) – Social Media Marketing Strategies for Lawyers
  • Ivy Grey (WordRake) – Word and Outlook Tips and Tricks
  • Chelsey Lambert (Lex Tech Review) – Leveraging Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Practice
  • Dennis Dimka (Uptime Legal) – 2019 Strategic Planning for Your Firm
  • Andrew Cabasso (Uptime Legal) – Using Email Marketing to Grow Your Practice
  • Derek Bolen (Clio) – Improving Law Firm Customer Service
  • Larry Port (Rocket Matter) & Dave Maxfield (Dave Maxfield Consumer Protection Law) – The Lean Law Firm
  • Megan Zavieh (Zavieh Law) – Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls at the Intersection of Law and Technology
  • David Schnurman (Lawline) – Steps to Achieving Greatness
  • Mike Whelan (Lawyer Forward) – Lawyering in the Star Trek Economy
  • Claude Ducloux (LawPay) – Improve Your Cyber-Security Without a PhD
  • Amy McArthur & Jonathan Biebesheimer (LexisNexis) – What Raising Kids Taught Us About Business Development
  • Sarah Schaaf (Headnote) – How to Get Paid and Lower Your Outstanding Receivables
  • Steven Best (Affinity Consulting) – Choosing the Right Legal Technology and Practice Management Software

Normally, to see these speakers talk at a conference, you would need to pay thousands of dollars on travel, lodging, and conference admission. And, you’d have the headache of work to catch up on after you return from the conference. So, we wanted to make things easier.

We wanted to make this conference accessible to anyone. That’s why it’s free to attend, and 100% online. All you need to attend is an Internet connection.

You can attend Law Launcher from the comfort of your own office, home, coffee shop, courthouse, wherever you want!

Law Launcher 2018 is on Thursday – Friday December 6th – 7th 2018, starting at 9am ET on both days.You can register for Law Launcher here.