Illinois Lawyer Magazine Recognizes Uptime

In its March 2014 issue, Illinois Lawyer, the monthly publication for the Illinois State Bar, evaluates and advocates for popular cloud computing services used by attorneys.

In the article, the author analyzes popular cloud-based Practice Management, Document Management and complete Hosted Law Firm solutions popular amongst attorneys worldwide. The article continues to elaborate on the benefits of a completely-hosted law firm solution, and identifies Uptime Legal Systems as a leader in this space.

“The latest trend with cloud services has been to move all of a firm’s applications to the cloud in a hosted environment. This is a great solution if you have a lot of traditional software that you want to use, or if you are already invested in a traditional time and billing system or practice management system.” The author continues: “No one [in your firm] has these applications installed on their individual workstations. Instead everyone accesses all of their programs over the Internet. With a solution such as this, you don’t have to worry about reinstalling software when the hard drive on one of your computers crashes. Instead, you simply go to a different computer, log back in and its as though your computer never crashed.”

Uptime has successfully migrated thousands of attorneys to the cloud–and counting. As more law firms move their practice to the cloud, Uptime continues to solidify its place as the world’s leading provider of cloud services to the legal industry.

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