Uptime Launches Exchange Legal Edition

Uptime Legal Systems announces the first-ever legal-grade email made just for law firms:

Uptime Exchange Legal Edition

Uptime Exchange Legal Edition comes with everything included in Standard Edition plus Email Archive and Email Encryption help Attorneys meet their ethical obligations and protect attorney-client privilege.

Email Archive keeps your email securely archived and easily accessible using your Cloud Control Panel. Email Archive provides the preservation, protection and restoration features that your firm needs to safeguard intellectual property, assure compliance, and speed eDiscovery.

Email Encryption allows you to send emails with end-to-end encryption – so sensitive messages and documents can be safely and securely sent via email. Email is a convenient, fast and efficient way to communicate and share important information. However, it is an inherently insecure medium, as emails travels through multiple public and private networks and data lines between sender and recipient. Because email by default is sent in a unencrypted format, anyone who can intercept the email in transit, can easily access of its its contents, including any attachments.

“Our clients are lawyers who take their ethical obligations very seriously,” says Dennis Dimka, Uptime Legal’s CEO. “We share their sense of urgency and this responsibility. We built Exchange Legal Edition just for them.”