Uptime Legal Unveils Next Generation of Private Cloud for Law Firms

Uptime Legal, the #1 provider of cloud services to law firms, today unveiled its latest generation of Uptime Practice and set a new standard in private cloud technology for law firms.

This newest edition, Uptime Practice Generation 10, is the most secure, best-performing, most legal-centric edition of Uptime Practice yet. Generation 10 has been revamped and fine-tuned to meet the needs of law firms and the requirements of today’s legal software. This generation of Uptime Practice comes packed with productivity-boosting enhancements and a myriad of software-specific upgrades.

“The needs of law firms and requirements of legal software are constantly changing,” said Dennis Dimka, Uptime Legal’s CEO. “It’s important to our clients that we, as their trusted technology partner, are ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering a computing platform designed to host their legal software. We take the trust that our clients put in us very seriously and are constantly working to exceed our clients’ needs.”

Raising the Bar

Hundreds of law firms have moved to Uptime Practice because Uptime Legal is the foremost expert on deploying, hosting and supporting the legal software that law firms use today. The team at Uptime Legal is constantly reviewing and analyzing the system requirements of today’s leading legal software.

To that end, Uptime Practice Generation 10 includes a number of ground-breaking enhancements. Most notably, Generation 10 includes across-the-board performance enhancements, to provide best-in-class user experience to busy lawyers and legal professionals.

Designed to Host Legal Software

Different software requires different resources and configuration. Generation 10 of Uptime Practice includes enhancements to its Application Packs, custom cloud packages designed to meet the nuanced needs of specific legal software, including ProLaw, iManage, Worldox and more.

Built for Law Firms

One aspect of that hasn’t changed: Uptime Practice was built from the ground up to host software that law firms use. Applications like PCLaw, Time Matters, ProLaw, Tabs3, Worldox, Needles and iManage. Uptime Practice is optimized to host these and other legal applications, and the Uptime Legal support team is training on supporting these applications in a hosted environment.

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