Why Uptime 5 Reasons to Choose Uptime Legal Systems


Why Uptime Legal?


Manage + Grow Your Practice

Uptime Legal:

Is the only cloud service provider that can help you host, manage and grow your practice. Thousands of attorneys manage and grow their practice with Uptime’s suite of cloud, legal technology and Internet marketing services.


Cloud-First, Legal-First

Exclusive Commitment to the Legal Industry

Uptime Legal only works with law firms, which means Uptime is keenly aware of the culture and challenges within law firms. Uptime has deep experience working with software used by law firms and strong relationships with leading legal software publishers.


Experience Matters.

Uptime Legal:

Has been providing technology services to law firms since 2005. Uptime has successfully moved hundreds of law firms to the cloud, and helps hundreds more grow their practice and impress their clients. Uptime has extensive experience hosting and supporting the leading legal software


Reputation Matters.

Awards, accolades and recognition.

Uptime Legal has won awards and recognition in legal and technical communities. Take a look at our award wall →


The Uptime Team

Legal Technology Leaders

Uptime Legal is made up of the best and brightest legal technology professionals. Uptime’s staff includes executives, engineers, attorneys, developers and legal support staff. Uptime’s Help Desk is 100% US-based (in fact–right in our Eden Prairie Headquarters). Every new Uptimer (as they’ve come to be known) completes Uptime University, our custom training program that turns new hires into legal technology experts.



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