Uptime Named Among 20 Most Promising Cloud Companies by CIOReview

In its June issue focusing on innovative and growing Cloud Computing providers and consultants, CIOReview named Uptime Legal among its list of ’20 Most Promising Cloud Consulting Companies’.

The article states: “Cloud computing has matured to become an essential part of enterprises across different verticals as it possesses the capability to allow organizations to remain focused on their strategies without getting into the complexity of software and hardware, thereby helping them scale with ease.”

The article continues: “A distinguished panel of the industry’s CEOs, CIOs, and other professionals including CIO Review’s editorial board scrutinized the long list of cloud consulting companies. CIOReview then distilled this list into the 20 most promising cloud service providers nationwide, helping readers ensure that firms “secure greater efficiency and return on investment” when selecting and engaging a cloud service provider.

“We’re honored to be in this list of stand-out Cloud Service Providers” says Dennis Dimka, Uptime Systems’ Managing Director. “This list includes cloud service providers that serve nearly every industry; we’re proud to be recognized as the leader in cloud service to the legal sector. It’s rewarding to bring the benefits of the cloud to the legal industry, and exciting to watch the cloud computing space mature and the major players emerge.”