2016 Legal Technology – Year in Review

From Uptime Legal’s CEO

2016 has been as transformative a year for the legal technology industry as it has been for Uptime Legal.

2016 Legal Technology Trends

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen more law firms move to the cloud than any year before. We’ve witnessed (and in many cases spearheaded) law firms move their entire practice to a fully-hosted Private Cloud. We’ve watched and helped law firms change to new cloud-based Practice Management or Document Management software.

Historically, solo and small law firms have been the first to adapt to new technologies, and cloud computing has been no different. Call it bravery, agility or both: in previous years we’ve seen mostly firms of 3 to 20 total staff to a private cloud or cloud-based software.

In 2016, however, we saw much more of the mid-market adopt the cloud. Firms of 20, 30 even 100 total employees have bid their onsite servers au revoir, and moved their software, documents, and email to the cloud. We’ve watched the shift to cloud-based software and platforms start at the bottom, with very small firms, and then work its way upmarket. The reasons for this trend, in our experience, include:

1. More and more midsize law firms are realizing the enhanced mobility, security, scalability, and reliability of the cloud. (Of course: with the right provider, so as always: do your due diligence!)

2. More and more midsize law firms are seeing their onsite servers become end-of-life, and realize the economic advantages of cloud-based solutions. (See for yourself with our Private Cloud vs. On-Premise Calculator)

3. Small, midsize and larger law firms are simply tired of being in the business of managing servers and IT.

And ultimately: We see fewer and fewer law firms making investments into old technologies and old ways of doing things.

Clearly, this trend will continue its march up-market into larger firms, more law firms will be retiring the last servers they’ll ever own, and more firms will enjoy the stability, mobility, and security of the cloud. In our estimation, the next three years will see more law firms move to a private cloud or cloud-based software than the three years proceeding.

Leading the Way

At the forefront of this evolution: Uptime’s team members, partners, and clients are leading the way. 2016 was also a significant year for Uptime Legal:


In 2016, Uptime Legal and JurisPage joined forces in a merger that combined the best of both companies. JurisPage has been the clear leader in web design, branding, and marketing for law firms. Uptime Legal, on the other hand, remains the leader in private cloud and cloud-based software for law firms. Today the new combined company helps law firms manage and grow their practice.

Law Launcher

In the tail end of 2016 Uptime Legal also launched the legal technology industries’ first-ever online, virtual conference: Law Launcher. Just this December, members of the world’s leading legal tech companies presented at Law Launcher 2016 on topics ranging from practice management, to information technology to marketing and advertising. Law Launcher was a huge success, and 2016 hosted the first of many future Law Launcher conferences.

Inc. 5000

In 2016 Uptime Legal made the Inc 5000 List of fastest-growing private companies in America for the third consecutive year. This award was both a nod to the rise of a new breed of legal technology companies and a testament to Uptime Legal’s place within it.

LegalWorks 2.0

Another major milestone in 2016 was the launch of Uptime’s flagship document management platform: LegalWorks 2.0. In 2016 Uptime launched the second major edition of its award-winning, cloud-based, and matter-centric document and email management system.

Private Cloud Leader

And finally, Uptime finished 2016 as it started it: The definitive leader in Private Cloud Services for Law Firms. Uptime Legal still hosts PCLaw, Time Matters, ProLaw, Tabs3, Worldox, iManage, and more for more law firms than any other cloud service provider in North America. And more law firms join the Uptime Practice family every day.

In Closing

We could not have achieved this success in 2016 without you: our clients, our employees, our partners, and our followers. I’d like to extend a sincere thank-you to everyone who helped Uptime Legal become the leader it is today. We wish you, your staff, and your families a healthy, happy holiday season and look forward to working with you in 2017.