2017 Legal Technology – Year in Review

From Uptime Legal’s CEO

What a year 2017 has been for law firms and for legal technology.

In my last year’s Legal Technology Year in Review, I called 2016 a transformative year for legal technology and the practice of law. 2017 has proven even more evolutionary.

If I had to filter everything we’ve witnessed and been part of in 2017 to one theme, every new software company, every new product update, every market consolidation, every trend and reaction in the industry, I’d boil it down to the fact that in 2017, more than any other year, law firms are leveraging technology to manage and grow their practice.

Manage and Grow

More law firms than any preceding year are calling their current server their last server, and leveraging either cloud-based legal software or a private cloud to manage their practice without the burdens of on-premise servers. We’ve watched as law firms experience the practice-changing shift to a world where they can work anywhere, keep their data secure and get out of the business of managing IT.

At the same time, we’ve witnessed more and more law firms grow their firms with the power of Internet marketing. We’ve observed (and helped) law firms replace that 10-year old website with a fresh, new, modern website. We’ve watched as law firms that used to rely on billboards and business cards grow their business with Search Engine Optimization and Internet advertising.

Pioneering the Legal Cloud

At Uptime Legal we’re proud to be at the vanguard of this evolution, to help and witness as law firms leverage the Internet and the Cloud to streamline, simplify, manage and grow their practices. 2017 was as a historic a year for Uptime Legal as it was the industry we serve.

Fastest-Growing Company. Again.

In 2017, Uptime Legal made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for the fourth consecutive year. Uptime Legal isn’t just a new kind of legal technology company with a brave new path: It’s an industry leader with a proven business acumen.

LexisNexis + Uptime Legal: A Match Made in the Cloud

Late in 2017 LexisNexis and Uptime Legal announced that they were joining forces to deliver practice management software in the cloud. In order to ensure a world-class experience to their software users, LexisNexis developed their new Authorized Hosting Program as a means to vet and endorse best-in-breed legal cloud service providers. This hosting program, developed in consultation with Uptime Legal, will ensure the hugest levels of security, reliability and support to law firms across North America.

Second Annual Law Launcher

In December of 2017 we held our second annual Law Launcher, the legal technology industry’s first online summit. Law Launcher 2017 (LawLauncher.com) brought together some of the smartest attorneys, marketers and technologists in the legal industry. This year’s event delivered information-packed online conferences presented by leaders in the legal technology and legal marketing industries. Topics ranged from how to manage your practice, to avoiding ethical pitfalls in advertising, to how to avoid stress and burnout while growing your practice.

Next Generation of Private Cloud for Law Firms

In 2017 we unveiled the next generation of Uptime Practice, our private cloud platform for law firms. As the needs of law firms evolve, so too has our private cloud platform: 2017 included a number of trailblazing enhancements, each designed to deliver security, reliability and performance to law firms. Enhancements include improvements to cybersecurity and compliance as well as a brand-new Express edition that gives law firms an alternative roadmap to the cloud.

Aggressive Legal Marketing

In 2017, JurisPage, Uptime’s Internet marketing division, developed new offerings and new ways to help law firms increase their online visibility and generate new clients. JurisPage developed and refined its Internet Marketing services to meet the needs of forward-thinking law firms.

Document and Email Management – Done Right

Also in 2017, LegalWorks, Uptime’s own cloud-based, matter-centric document and email management platform saw a number of updates that help law firms get their documents and email under control. In a world of dated, clunky document management systems, LegalWorks cuts through the mess and streamlines law firms’ ever-growing documents and data.

Closing the Year

Law firms and the legal technology industry have made great strides in 2017, and we’re honored to have been part of it. And–we realize that we can’t change the world alone! I’d like to thank everyone that’s helped us in our journey to improve the lives of so many lawyers: our team, our partners, our followers, and of course: ours, the best clients in the world.

Have a happy, healthy holiday season.

I look forward to working with you in 2018!