Uptime Legal’s LexWorkplace enters Full Commercial Release. 

The first new Legal Document Management application in over a decade brings modern technology and design to the age-old practice of managing law firm documents.

Eden Prairie, MN – March 24th, 2022, 2020 – Uptime Legal, a leading legal technology company, today announced that its new cloud-based Document and Email Management Software, LexWorkplace, has entered into Full Commercial Release.

Developed specifically to meet the needs of lawyers and law firms, LexWorkplace leverages modern cloud technologies to deliver the first ever streamlined, secure, and completely Mac-compatible legal Document Management application.

Ground-Breaking Development

Using current, second-generation cloud tools, LexWorkplace has a distinct advantage over legacy Document Management Systems (DMS), including other web-based DMS products. Without the limitations of legacy development workarounds, the Uptime Legal team was free to design an intuitive and truly useful application to meet the specific needs of the legal profession.

Uptime’s LexWorkplace is the only legal document management application that delivers both native Mac OS and Windows support. For Mac users that mean no Parallels, no Remote Desktop, and no limitations.

With years of experience working with lawyers and law firms, Uptime’s development team has designed a comprehensive document and email management system that meets the unique needs of legal professionals, including:

  1. Store Everything in One Place Documents, emails, videos, and audio files are stored together in a truly client and matter-centric design.
  2. Robust Document Management
  3. Modern Minimalism  While powerful, LexWorkplace’s embraces modern design sensibilities with a clean, intuitive user interface. 
  4. Unparalleled Data Security From two-factor authentication to encryption and geo-redundant backups, legal professionals can rest assured their client and firm data is protected.
  5. Ample Storage Every account receives a dedicated 1TB of storage, enough for most and if necessary, added capacity is available for a minimal additional charge.

Powerful full-text search, document version management, document tagging and profiling, and one-click-edit-and-save are some of the features included in LexWorkplace.

“Legal Document Management has seen real innovation in the past decade,” said Dennis Dimka, CEO and founder of Uptime Legal.  “Most document management software today is archaic and unwieldly.  Two years ago, we set out to change that, and began building LexWorkpalce.”

Since May of 2020, LexWorkplace has been available to a select group of law firms via its Early Access program.  These early adopters have played a vital role in shaping the vision for LexWorkplace.  Now, LexWorkplace is available to all law firms in North America.

To learn more about LexWorkplace visit LexWorkplace.com.

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