Uptime Launches LegalWorks™: Cloud-based Document Management for Law Firms

Uptime Legal is excited to announce the launch of Uptime LegalWorks: Uptime’s own cloud-based document management system built exclusively for law firms and legal departments.

LegalWorks is a cloud-based (SaaS), matter-centric solution for law firms to store, organize and manage their firm’s documents. The launch of LegalWorks is a major milestone for Uptime Legal, marking Uptime’s first proprietary software application.

“We are very excited about bringing LegalWorks to our clients,” says Dennis Dimka, Uptime Legal’s CEO. “We saw a need in the legal industry and we built a solution to fill it. For years we’ve watched as our clients made due with document management and storage solutions that didn’t meet their needs, that were not tailored to the practice of law or that require significant in-house infrastructure to run. So we set out to build a solution that our clients could use to store and manage documents, email and notes in a single application.”

Uptime LegalWorks completely integrates with the existing suite of Uptime Cloud products: The Uptime Single-Sign-On will log end-users into LegalWorks with the same username and password used to access other Uptime services. Customers can administer LegalWorks using the Uptime Cloud Control Panel.

“The term Document Management means something very different to an attorney than to someone in another profession,” says Aaron Eittreim, Vice President of Business Development. “Lawyers require advanced document management features such as versioning, check-in/check-out, conflict searching and a client-facing portal. We built LegalWorks just for them.”

More information is available at UptimeLegalWorks.com