My Servers Are Old / End of Life



The Problem




Are you tired of the constant cycle of buying, fixing and replacing servers?
There’s so much to worry about:

Will your servers go down at the most inopportune time? (They usually do.)
What will the next server crash cost to repair?
Will your local IT support provider be available when you need him?
Will your servers always be able to support the software you need to run your practice?

The Solution

There’s a better way. Uptime Practice is a completely hosted, fully-managed IT platform designed exclusively for law firms. With Uptime Practice you’ll never never again need to buy, maintain, repair or replace on-premise servers and IT infrastructure.

A Private Cloud solution like Uptime Practice is:

More reliable than on-premise servers
More mobile and accessible than on-premise servers
More secure than on-premise servers
More cost-effective than on-premise servers



Uptime Practice
A Private Cloud for your Entire Practice


uptime Practice

A Private Cloud for Your Entire Practice

Learn More

  • Legal Software Hosting

    All of the software your firm uses: in the cloud

  • Microsoft Office

    Each user will have the latest version of Microsoft Office

  • Exchange Email

    Email for Attorneys: Hosted Exchange with unlimited storage

  • Tons of Storage

    Tons of cloud storage for your applications, data and documents

  • Unlimited Support

    Unlimited support of your private cloud and local network


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