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The Problem

Modern law firms need more than just simple document storage.

Ordinary storage and document management systems don’t cut it for today’s modern law firm. On-premise file servers and simple cloud storage isn’t good enough for the specialized needs of attorneys.

On-Premise File Servers

Maintaining an onsite file server is expensive, painfull and still doesn’t meet the file management needs of most law firms. They:


Require constant maintenance, upgrades and repair
Are not accessible from outside your office or mobile devices
Do no provide matter-centric management of documents & email

Simple Cloud Storage:

Simple cloud storage applications, like DropBox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive give you accessibility of the cloud, but lack legal-centric features. They:


Are not developed for law firms, and lack legal-centric functionality and security.
Lack Document Management functionality such as version management, document tagging/profiling, index and search, and check-in/check-out
Lack matter-centricity, leaving you and your firm with a lack of structure and organization
Cannot store and manage emails in the same system as documents.


The Solution

Your law firm needs a cloud-based, matter-centric Document & Email Management System. A system that includes:


Matter-centric storage and organization of documents
Management of matter-related email
Rapid and effective search of your documents and email
Management of document types & versions



Uptime LegalWorks:
Document & Email Management


uptime LegalWorks

Document & Email Management

Learn More

  • Matter-Centric Document Management

    Manage document versions, tags, metadata and more–in the cloud.

  • Email Management

    Save emails to a matter right from Outlook.

  • Office Integration

    Browse matters and save documents to LegalWorks right from Microsoft Office.

  • Powerful Search

    Instant search across all of your firm’s documents.

  • Local Sync + Offline Access

    Synchronize your documents and take them with you anywhere.

  • Secure Cloud Storage

    Your firm’s data is stored in our highly-secure cloud datacenters.

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