I’m Tired of Dealing With Servers and IT



The Problem

Maintaining an on-premise server environment is always more of a headache and more cost than you planned.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

Your server(s) need repair or replacement
Your system is down and the backup you thought you had is no good
Your IT provider is unhelpful (or nowhere to be found)
Your total IT costs are unpredictable and higher than you planned


The Solution

Uptime Practice is a fully-managed Private Cloud environment for your entire law firm. All of your legal software, your documents, and your email are all hosted by Uptime in a dedicated and secure environment. Plus, your Private Cloud infrastructure and your local computers are fully supported.


 Dedicated Private Cloud Servers
 Hosting for Your Legal Software
 Cloud Storage + Microsoft Office
 Hosted Exchange Email
 Local Computer AntiVirus
 Unlimited Help Desk Support



Uptime Practice
A Private Cloud for your Entire Practice


uptime Practice

A Private Cloud for Your Entire Practice

Learn More

  • Legal Software Hosting

    All of the software your firm uses: in the cloud

  • Microsoft Office

    Each user will have the latest version of Microsoft Office

  • Exchange Email

    Email for Attorneys: Hosted Exchange with unlimited storage

  • Tons of Storage

    Tons of cloud storage for your applications, data and documents

  • Unlimited Support

    Unlimited support of your private cloud and local network


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