Akron Legal News Recognizes Uptime Legal

Official Law Journal of Summit County, Ohio Recognizes Uptime’s Innovative Model.

In its May 8th, 2015 issue, Akron Legal News, the official law journal of Summit County, Ohio, recognizes Uptime Legal Systems. In its feature titled Uptime puts your entire law practice on the cloud, Akron describe how Uptime Practice™ will host a law firm’s entire practice in the cloud: from practice management and billing software, to documents and email.


Why doesn’t someone come up with a cloud solution that just uses the ground-based software I already have, you ask? Well, someone has. Uptime Legal Systems, one of the companies that provides a full cloud-based law office suite, has a new product that hosts desktop the law office that the firm has already developed.

Uptime Practice hosts all of your law office software, including email, document production, billing, and legal applications, with no compatibility problems, nothing extra or missing, and no need for extra administration. The company’s website describes this new product as “Law Practice as a Service (LPaaS) is a private cloud solution that virtualizes the IT of your entire practice. Your legal applications, your documents and email, available anytime, anywhere on any device without the need for in-house IT infrastructure or outside IT support.”