Uptime Helps East Coast Law Firms Recovery from Hurricane Sandy

For many New York law firms that were seriously considering eliminating their in-house IT infrastructure, Hurricane Sandy was the last straw. The IT infrastructure of many law firms on the east coast were completely down: power was out, offices and servers were damaged. Many of these law firms looked to Uptime Legal Systems for help.

This week alone Uptime will onboard several Manhattan-based (and surrounding area) law firms to UptimeCloud, and help get their firms back up and running. One such firm is Cahn Litigation, based out of Manhattan:

When Hurricane Sandy hit we were without power, and our server was completely down. Our local IT consultants could do nothing to help us. We called Uptime for the first time on a Friday, and were completely migrated to our new cloud system by Monday, and our firm was back up and operational. Uptime understood the urgency and went above and beyond to get our firm back online.

– Steven Cahn, Cahn Litigation Services | New York, NY

Uptime Legal is happy help these east coast law firms get back up and running.If your firm has had enough of buying and maintaining on-premise servers: give us a call.