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Tech Trends Businesses Can Expect in 2015

In a January 2015 publication, Finance & Commerce, a print and online newspaper focused on business in Minnesota, Elizabeth Millard predicts business technology trends we can expect in 2015. Among them is the rise of technology security threats amid the many security breaches that grabbed national attention. Uptime’s Dennis Dimka speaks to this growing concern.


“Data breaches seem like an everyday occurrence at this point, putting many companies on high alert. It doesn’t seem to matter if someone runs a small business or a large retailer — or if the industry is real estate, construction, transit, economic development or anything else — every enterprise is fair game. As a result, it’s likely that companies will dive deep into understanding better access controls in the year ahead,” says Dennis Dimka, managing director for Uptime Legal Systems, an Eden Prairie-based provider of cloud services to the legal industry. “What we’re seeing are different pathways into information, and that’s causing major problems for companies,” Dimka says. “Many businesses are looking at how to shut down those paths so that information can be more secure. For example, an employee might transfer files to a personal online storage service like Dropbox. That puts company information at risk, especially if the employee is just about to resign. Implementation of better encryption, access controls and data tracking are likely to be major topics at every kind of business in 2015,” Dimka says.

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