California Lawyer Magazine Recognizes Uptime

In its March 2014 issue, California Lawyer, the monthly publication for the California State Bar, evaluates cloud computing services popular among attorneys.

In the article, California Lawyer outlines the many benefits of cloud computing for law firms, emphasizing the lack for capital investment requirement and mobility provided through cloud sevices.

California Lawyer also assists its readers with criteria for selecting a cloud service provider. Location of the provider’s datacenters is of key importance. A provider with all US-based datacenters is of critical importance to law firms to avoid ethical violations with client data and jurisdictional issues.

In the article, California Lawyer identifies Uptime Legal Systems and its Law Office in the Cloud™ suite as a popular cloud service for law firms, both for its US-based datacenters and for its breadth of cloud services.

The author writes:

“Uptime Practice will host your existing legal software and documents, and includes the Office suite along with email service and IT support.”

Uptime Legal has successfully migrated thousands of attorneys to the cloud–and counting. As more law firms move their practice to the cloud, Uptime continues to solidify its place as the world’s leading provider of cloud services to the legal industry.