Uptime Legal Unveils Next Generation of Private Cloud for Law Firms

Uptime Legal, the leading provider of cloud services to law firms, today unveiled the next generation of its flagship product: Uptime Practice.

Uptime Legal’s latest generation of Uptime Practice includes a number of cutting-edge enhancements, each designed to deliver security, reliability and performance to law firms, and each designed to help law firms practice better.

“In today’s market, you can get generic cloud services from virtually anyone,” said Dennis Dimka, Uptime Legal’s CEO. “From big-box cloud companies like Amazon to small IT companies that service their local market. We’ve developed and continue to improve upon a cloud platform built from the ground-up to cater exclusively to the needs of law firms.”

The latest generation of Uptime Practice includes a number of exciting enhancements.

Enhanced Security

Meeting regulatory compliance is a growing need for law firms large and small. For that reason, the latest generation of Uptime Practice is more secure than ever.

Uptime Practice leverages the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a guideline to deliver best-in-class information security to its clients. Using this framework, Uptime Practice employs rigorous security and password configurations, restricted access capabilities and support for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Uptime Practice’s security framework meet most, and in some cases are in excess of NIST security standards.

  • Security and Compliance Options available to Uptime Practice users include:
  • Military-grade Encryption
  • Enterprise-grade Firewalls with IDS/IPS
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Network Monitoring
  • Strict Password & Access Policy Enforcement
  • Server & Desktop Endpoint Security
  • Data Center Physical Access Controls
  • Restricted Remote Access
  • Email Archive and Message Encryption
  • Two-Factor Authentication Support
  • Client-side Local Backup

Resource & Performance Enhancements

Uptime Practice comes with more computing power than ever before. RAM and processing allocation have been increased to meet the growing demands of modern legal software. Uptime Practice users will be more productive than ever.

These enhancements to performance and security drive to one deliverable: Providing a reliable, fast and secure cloud platform for law firms to work from.

Built for Law Firms

One aspect that hasn’t changed: Uptime Practice was built from the ground up to host software that law firms use. Applications like PCLaw, Time Matters, ProLaw, Tabs3, Worldox, Needles and iManage. Uptime Practice was developed and is optimized to host these and other legal applications, and the Uptime Legal support team is training on supporting these applications in a hosted environment.

To learn more about Uptime Practice, the #1 Private Cloud for Law Firms, visit UptimePractice.com.