Minnesota Lawyer Features Uptime Legal

Minnesota Lawyer + Uptime Legal Systems:

Handling Rogue Access by Ex-Employees

In its October 20th issue, Minnesota Lawyer interviews Dennis Dimka, Uptime Systems’ Managing Director, on the topic of rogue computer information access and the threat posed by ex-employees


“For law firms, the next big IT threat is likely to hit close to home: ex-employees and former associates who are still accessing a firm’s documents. A recent survey by cloud IT provider Intermedia and survey firm Osterman Research found that 89 percent of former employees retained access to files, documents, and apps, through the use of online storage application Dropbox as well as email, PayPal, and filesharing apps.

This is especially problematic for law firms, since this kind of rogue access can lead to legal malpractice, disbarment, and breach of attorney-client privilege. To get an idea of the scope of the issue and what can be done, we spoke with Dennis Dimka, managing director for Uptime Systems, an Eden Prairie-based provider of cloud services that focuses exclusively on the legal industry.”

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