Arizona Attorney Magazine Recognizes Uptime

In an article published in Arizona Attorney, a monthly magazine that services lawyers admitted to practice in the State Bar of Arizona, authors discuss how to evaluate Practice Management Systems, how to evaluate Cloud-based solutions and recognize Uptime Legal as a key provider in the industry.

In articles titled Practice Management Software: Choosing the Best Fit and Should Your Firm Go to the Cloud? Arizona Attorney helps readers understand how to select the Practice Management solution that best fits their practice, and how to evaluate a cloud versus premise-based (local) solution.

In these articles, the author recognizes Uptime’s unique approach to cloud-based practice management: “Uptime Legal Systems offers a different approach to PMS, which is a menu of law firm cloud services.”

Breaking the Cloud Limitations

Arizona Attorney acknowledges the many benefits of a cloud-based PMS but also addresses the fact that a simple, web-based PMS fundamentally lacks the technology to deliver the rich, comprehensive system that traditional desktop-based PM systems are known for. “It is not possible to replicate the same user interface (appearance and navigation) of an on-premise PMS into the SaaS version [a web-based application],” the author notes. As such, lawyers today must choose between the flexibility and accessibility of a web-based PMS, or the robustness and sophistication of traditional on-premise PM systems.

In the article, Arizona Attorney recognizes that Uptime Legal breaks this limitation. “Some of the PMS cloud vendors offer a menu of law practice-specific SaaS products under the category of PMS. These services range from third-party hosting of desktop PMS, online phone service, expanded document management, MSEXchange service, managed web hosting, outsourced associate and paralegal support services and virtual receptionists. Examples include Uptime Cloud for Law Firms.”

A Menu of Law Firm Cloud Services

Uptime Practice allows law firms to run their entire practice–including their existing PMS–entirely in the cloud. Even (and especially) software that is not inherently cloud-based, and that typically requires an expensive local server to run, including Time Matters, PCLaw, ProLaw and Tabs3.

Uptime LegalWorks is Uptime’s proprietary cloud-based Document Management system just for attorneys. It allows law firms to store and organize documents by client, matter and more, and provides other useful tools to help firms mange their cases and documents including a client portal, document indexing & search, and more.

As cloud computing continues to gain favor in the legal industry, Uptime Legal continues to emerge as the world’s leading provider of cloud services for law firms. Uptime remains the only provider that provides a Complete Law Office in the Cloud.